What do the warning lights in my Subaru mean?


The warning lights in your Subaru serve as a first-alert system to let you know when something isn't working properly, when fluids are low, or when your safety may be compromised by an open door or an unbuckled seat belt.

Most drivers in Manchester, Salem, and Concord are familiar with the "Check Engine" light--it's one of the easiest to understand, because it's one of the few dashboard warning lights that tells you right up front what's wrong.

But, if you're driving a Subaru Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, Impreza, Ascent, Legacy, WRX, or BRZ, it's important that you familiarize yourself with all of the different warning lights in your Subaru, and that you know what to do when you see one.

Some Subaru warning lights are as simple as the Seatbelt Warning Light: someone up front has triggered the pressure sensor, but they haven't yet fully fastened their seatbelt. Solution? Buckle up!

Or, the Low Fuel Warning Light: your car's computer has noted that you have below the recommended amount of gas in your tank. Solution? Fuel up!

Other common Subaru warning light messages aren't as clear: the Brake System Warning Light is one of the most important dashboard lights to keep an eye out for, but there's not usually a clear and present cause. Solution? You need to get your Subaru checked out by a professional, factory-trained technician in Manchester to rule out any issues.


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Most Common Subaru Warning Lights

  • Seat belt warning light (you or front passenger)
  • Low fuel warning light
  • Icy road surface warning screen
  • Low pressure tire warning light
  • Engine low oil level warning indicator
  • Battery charge warning light

If you see a warning light that you aren't familiar with; a warning light doesn't disappear after you've provided a fix for this issue; or you get a warning light to check the engine, the brake system, or another critical component, please call us as soon as you can, whether you're in Concord, Salem, or Bedford, NH. We'll schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible.


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